The Guidelines for the graphics packages are as follows:
These are WEB GRAPHICS only and will be used in only that manner.
1. Graphics are not exclusive and will remain the property of The Old Drawin' Board upon purchase.
2. Graphics are the sole-property of The Old Drawin' Board and it's designers.
3. Graphic package(s) may not be resold or given away - they are a one time as is purchase.
4. Graphics may not be used in your advertising ( magazine, business cards, stationary, etc)
If you would like to use your package for your print material contact me to discuss your options.
I can create your own custom affordable print material graphics for you to use freely and send to you on cd-rom.
5. Graphics may not be altered in any way. If you need them larger or smaller contact me.
6. Credit for The Old Drawin' Board will be displayed in the front of your website with a link back.
7. The Old Drawin' Board reserves the right to use and reuse images and design elements
to recreate new packages to bring to you at an affordable rate.
8. Purchaser gains no rights to the designs or the use of the graphics and will respect the work
as the property of its owners.
9. Graphics are sold as-is with only your name and button categories added. There will
be no changes made to the graphics - i.e. color etc.

You must agree to above terms before purchasing graphics.
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Graphics are shown smaller than their actual size.
These graphics may not be taken or changed in any way.

Fall Fun Raggedy





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